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Professor of History, Geography and Civic Education (UMCE, 1997), Master in History (University of Chile, 2003), Student of the PhD program in Latin American Studies, University of Chile, 2021. Professor of the Faculty of Education, SEK University, Author of bibliographic reviews and articles in the field of American history.

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Migraciones y integracion en el Caribe


Los vínculos de solidaridad chilena hacia el independentismo cubano (1895-1898)

My presentation investigates the acts of solidarity towards the Cuban independence movement carried out in Chile from 1895, on the occasion of the visit of the delegate of the Cuban Revolutionary Party Aristides Aguero. The foregoing, based on the examination of periodic and documentary sources that testify to the process and that allow us to appreciate the complex position of the Chilean government before the events in the Greater Antilles and that question its neutrality towards the conflict.

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