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Maître de Conférences en science politique @ Université des Antilles


Pierre Odin is a lecturer in political science at the Université des Antilles in Guadeloupe, and a member of the Centre de recherche en économie et en droit du développement insulaire (CREDDI). His research focuses on the sociohistory of anticolonial mobilizations, the political sociology of trade unionism, and social relations of domination in a post-colonial context. Last book : Pwofitasyon. Luttes syndicales et anticolonialisme en Guadeloupe et en Martinique (La Découverte, 2019).

Geographical location : Guadeloupe

Research Area and Interest : Social movements, Trade unionism,

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Crise sanitaire et crise sociale en Guadeloupe


From roadblock to riot? The interdependence of conventional and non-conventional forms of collective action in Guadeloupe

This presentation examines the weight of inter-knowledge networks and the representations specific to Guadeloupean trade unionism in the radicalization of collective actions and their labelling as spontaneous, taking as an example the large-scale mobilizations in opposition to mandatory vaccinations and health restrictions that took place in Guadeloupe during the months of November and December 2021. Based on observations and interviews with trade unionists, this contribution points out the way in which the trade union framing work attempts to respond to the recourse to spontaneous action by mobilized groups that are foreign to trade unionism, by analyzing the degree of interdependence between the forms of action perceived as conventional (roadblocks) and unconventional (confrontations and riots) that follow one another in the context of this movement.

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