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Senior Lecturer in Critical History and Politics @ University of Brighton


Historian / SCS treasurer - email

Geographical location : Brighton, UK

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Governance: CLR James


Louise Cripps Samoiloff

Louise Cripps Samoiloff - a life seeking justice in all its colours - This paper will briefly introduce the remarkable life and work of Louise Cripps Samoiloff (1904-2001), an English born writer, journalist, publisher, historian and socialist who became an American citizen and was the author of over a dozen books, many of which articulated the case for the independence of Puerto Rico. It will explore her political evolution, writings and activism, and how it was shaped by her relationship with the black Trinidadian Marxist C.L.R. James, author of The Black Jacobins, who she first met in the summer of 1934 while they were both members of the tiny British Trotskyist movement.

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