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PhD in History of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean @ Independent


I have a M.A. in Caribbean and Puerto Rican Studies and a PhD. in Caribbean and Puerto Rican History from the Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (San Juan). I have over 15 years of experience teaching history, humanities and social sciences at the University of Puerto Rico, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Vincennes University (Indiana), Northern Essex Community College (Massachusetts) and UNI 3 (Uruguay). I have published: "¡Que el pueblo decida! La gobernación de Roberto Sánchez Vilella, 1964-1968" (San Juan: EMS Editores, 2007) where I discuss the rough transition from populism to technocracy in Puerto Rico; and "Imprisoned in the Caribbean: The 1942 German U-Boat Blockade" (Indiana: Iuniverse, 2014). I also wrote chapters for "Guerras irregulares en el Caribe" (Irregular Wars in the Caribbean) (México: Instituto Mora, 2019),"Island at War: Puerto Rico in the Crucible of the Second World War" (University of Mississippi Press, 2015) and "Puerto Rico en la Segunda Guerra Mundial: Baluarte del Caribe" (San Juan: Editorial Callejón, 2012). Right now I am awaiting for the publication, by University Press of Mississippi of my last book: "Us According to Them: How Americans Portrayed Puerto Ricans and Their Culture, 1898-2010",

Geographical location : Montevideo, Uruguay

Research Area and Interest : The Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Colonialism, World War II

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Us According to Them: What the Colonized can Learn from the Colonizers' Writings

In this presentation I will share my experience as a researcher of what colonizers (in my case, Americans) wrote in books about the colonized (us Puerto Ricans) and their culture from their imperialist perspective, and how this kind of research can be expanded to other areas. I will give tips on how to access the necessary books as well and to how to frame such a research. I expect to motivate other researchers to tap on these resources for their future research.

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