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Assistant Professor in Latin American History @ University of Birmingham (UK)


Dr Courtney J Campbell is Assistant Professor of Latin American History at the University of Birmingham (UK). Her book, Region Out of Place: The Brazilian Northeast and the World (1924-1968) is available through the Latin American Series of University of Pittsburgh Press. Most of her writing focuses on social and cultural history of 19th- and 20th-century Brazil, but she has recently begun a global microhistory through the life and legacy of Olga Benario Prestes.

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Afterlives of Slavery


A Law for Brazilians to See: British Law and Brazilian Abolitionists in Nineteenth-Century Brazil

This presentation compares two cases in which Brazilian abolitionists mobilized around a law passed in 1843 to prohibit British subjects, no matter where they resided, from owning slaves. Placing a case against a large British-owned gold mine in Minas Gerais alongside outcry against a Scottish widow who owned two slaves in Recife, it argues that this law was used as a rhetorical tool to gain support for abolitionism and create public outrage against British slaveholders in Brazil at a moment of expanding public participation in abolitionism as a form of nationalism.

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